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4 Empowering Ways to Think of Life’s adversities

Not getting what you want is a wonderful struck of luck – Dalai Lama

Everything happens for a reason

The universe is in a constant state of motion, changing, evolving, molding you, molding everyone. All of our life’s experiences are meant to draw us closer to what Aristotle called the Entelechy (our unique-to-us highest potential). These experiences are but a minuscule part of the master plan of the universe.

Just as you cannot stop the wind from blowing or the sun from setting, you cannot change the course of destiny. Things will keep happening whether you like it or not. Some will be good and favorable to you, you’ll like them. Some will be bad and painful.

It all depends on your perceptions, expectations and your interpretation. Especially the interpretations, that’s all that truly matters, and luckily it is completely up to you.

The way you interpret your life’s experiences has a lot of implication on the way your life turns out to be. Does negative experiences make you bitter, resentful, depressed, angry and thus draws you far away from your Entelechy or do you see it as an opportunity to become better?

If the former is the case for you, let’s turn the tables. Here are 4 empowering ways you can always look at life’s adversities:

1. Gives you an opportunity to grow

How pointless will life be if it exist only as a smooth tarred road? How boring if it were only a constant state of bliss? The ups and downs of life are its beauty, the challenges it brings are our opportunity to become greater. The tree that endures the most wind turns out to have the strongest branches.

Every adversity in life bears its own unique lesson but we’re often not wise enough to see it. It is your job to look beyond the superficial meanings and go deeper with wisdom. Keep the lessons, let go of the ill feelings. That’s how you grow.

2. Protects you from an unanticipated danger

How many times have you heard of the story of someone who narrowly missed a danger by failing to be where they’re supposed to be?

We like to perceive ourselves as pedestrians in the dark alley of life, meandering blindly and not quite sure if we’re headed in the right directions. We make decisions, we take action, even though we’re not sure where it will lead us.

But then how many times do we see a light in the distance and follow it or feel the hands of instincts guiding us? We don’t stop to ask how they come about because we’re not looking out for that guidance, but there it is.

Life may not have an instruction manual, but on so many occasion we receive guidance. Sometimes this guidance comes in form of a disappointment or adversity.

The job opportunity you missed might have turned out to be an absolute nightmare anyway. The girlfriend/boyfriend that jilted you might have end up causing you more pain than you can endure.

Trust that you’re receiving this guidance, sometimes they come as the most unlikely circumstances.

3. Sets you on a part to your true purpose

Sometimes all it take to shake us from a rut and stagnation and put us on a part for which we were intended is a nifty little disaster.

A death scare makes Mr A to become very spiritual and he ends up becoming a cleric, a financial crisis makes Mrs B to reconsider her options and started a business from scratch that turns her into a multimillionaire, a fatal accident paralyses Miss C that she becomes so in tune to the feelings, sufferings and the potential of the world’s disabled that she ends up becoming a  renowned advocate for them.

Although this are extreme examples, but you get the jist. For Mr A, Mrs B and Miss C to have ever turn their adversities to this positive outcomes, they must have sift through several interpretations and chose to focus on the ones that give their existence the best meaning. You chose how it is going to be and that’s how it is going to be.

4. Prepares you for the best to come

Just as the night must give way for the day, so must our adversities give way for the best to come. It is but a preparatory stage and no matter how long it seems to last, it shall pass.

Continue to do the best that you can while trusting in this passage. Allow no room for bitterness or worry. Be patient and have faith in  better things yet to come.

Don’t take this words lightly.

Look at the life of anyone who’s accomplished greatness or is living the kind of life you covet, dig deeper into their past and you’ll find that they’ve overcome bigger obstacles and faced nastier challenges than what you’re experiencing.

It came to past because they trusted that it will and they never gave up or stopped trying.


Our lives are a fusion of our destinies and our freewill. While there are a lot of things outside of our control, the way we respond to them and let them define us lies strictly on our own hands.

Make up your mind today to misinterpret everything that you call disaster, misfortune, disappointment or ill fortune. Misinterpret them for good. That’s the only way you make the most of every experience you have on earth and that’s the only way you become the better for them.

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