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4 Battle Strategies to Fight Distractions

Whether we realize it or not, we’re in a battle of supremacy to protect our minds against attention leechers, time suckers and every other form of useless distraction out there.

We’re always trying, with all the willpower we can muster to tear ourselves away from distractions and focus on the things that matter to our progress in life. Whether we succeed or not depends a great deal on what is it we’ve got up our sleeves.

Some have already lost the battle. They swirl through life in a blur, never quite knowing where it is they’re headed or what they’re doing. They wake up to distraction and go to bed with it. It has taken over their minds.

While there are others who despite all the distractions that surround them, have found a way to create clarity around them, shutting off distraction when they have to and moving purposefully towards their goals.

I can bet all my source of distractions (my phone included) that you want to be among the later group. You just don’t know how.

Here are 5 battle strategies to disarm, dis-empower and perhaps, just perhaps, kill the distractions in your life once and for all.

1. Have a battle plan in place

Rushing into a battle unprepared is suicide, right? especially since your opponent (distraction) is so much stronger.

Just like you have an action plan to achieve your goals, you should have a plan to ward off distraction.

Why? because distractions are inevitable.

Having a plan for achieving your goals make it possible for you to be focused, but there’s nothing that steals away that focus like distraction does.

Call it a contingency plan, because you never really know what might happen. Even if you’ve planned to be focused, even when you’ve promised yourself that nothing’s gonna stop you, you really never know.

With distractions always at an intimate distance waiting to strike, your efforts can always be thwarted. Having a plan will see to it that you get back on track as quickly as possible.

The plan doesn’t have to be in depth or elaborate. Just ask yourself, what should I do to get back on track when I catch myself distracted?

The answer can be something as simple as this four step process:

  • Slap myself hard on the face
  • Remove the source of distraction from sight
  • Meditate for 5 minutes to get my mind back
  • Get back to work

Easy peasy right? I know, I know, except for the slap.

2. Hold a strong position

Even when you have a battle plan in place, getting yourself surrounded by enemies sound like a terrible strategy to me. Holding a strong position means  keeping yourself shielded or as far away from the source of distraction as possible.

Because see, it wouldn’t do to spend your day getting distracted then getting back on track over and over gain. Tearing yourself away from distraction always comes at a cost; you exhaust your willpower  and energy doing it and you wouldn’t have enough to spend on your  work.

The easiest thing is to minimize the possibility of being distracted.

Here are some shielding techniques you can apply:

  • De-clutter your working space ( and possibly your life too)
  • Keep away your phone
  • Unplug the TV
  • When you’re not working with the internet, turn it off. When you are, use tools such as Stay focused or Self control that block unwanted sites and social media.
  • Paste a do not disturb sign to ward off social distraction

3. Go on the offensive

There are times when you have a seriously important project at hand that getting distracted will cost you too much. In this case you don’t have to wait for it to beat you to pulp before you attack.

You must strike the first blow, take distraction unawares, do the unthinkable. Weaken its hold on you in such a way that it won’t bother you any more.

Serious issues require serious measures, right? Here they are:

  • Go on a no information diet: no news, no social media, no TV (Don’t give me that look, I’m not telling you to kill yourself)
  • If the source of distraction is your immediate environment, travel or change places.
  • Stamp your feet and say no to unnecessary demands of your time by people.

4. Retreat and Recharge

Slaying your distractions  is not an easy feat. From time to time you have to withdraw into yourself and recharge.

Use mental focusing techniques to declutter your mind.

  • Practice deep breathing meditation; try to clear your mind of thoughts and concentrate on your breathing for at least 5 minutes a day
  • Indulge in strategic idleness; Sit alone, listen to your thoughts, watch passers-bye, star-gaze or bird-watch. Resist the urge to talk to someone or pick up your phone.

Doing this frees your mind of junks and increases you mental clarity and focus. It strengthens your willpower muscles and increases rest of mind. Your strength to fight distraction rises several notches  higher.


Being mindfully aware and deeply in tune with your inner self and your surrounding is a very important prerequisite for success. You cannot know what you really want, make proper plans, make great decisions or identify opportunities when you’re always distracted. Rather, you’ll make useless mistakes, you’ll procrastinate, and you’ll stagnate.

Make no mistake about it, distraction is costing you more than you know. It’s time you snatch yourself back.

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