Nice to Meet You too

 I had the most absurd urge to fill up this page with guttural sounds (arrrgg! gurrrrgg! arrrg!) but I have no interest in passing myself  off as a nut case or in pissing off the Gods of online etiquette, so I stayed my hand.

Hi, I’m Jamila (extends hand for a virtual handshake) and I’m the blogger behind the Midas Finger. In addition to this very obvious fact, I’m also a girl (coughs), sponge cake lover, over ambitious writer, a retired nerd and a fire spitting Martian (have to add this one, can’t help it).

Jamila Mustapha

Well, after years and years of suffering through it, my poor friends decided they’ve had enough of my you-can-do-it and you-have-it-in-you lectures and so I had no other choice than to start a blog and find a more receptive audience.

The Midas finger was born out of my unshakable belief in the human potential, I believe we’re capable of so much more than we allow ourselves to believe. I believe we’re given everything we need in terms of resources and inner faculties.

We’re like soldiers sent to the battle field, fully armored, shield in hand and ready to conquer. But somewhere along the line, we lost touch with why we’re there. We forget the stuff we’re made of. We drop the shield and the armour and become spectators, imprisoned by our fears and uncertainties.


The philosophy of the Midas finger is this: With the right knowledge and guidance, we can all awaken that hidden warrior in us, pick up our shield and Armour again and reach the glory for which we were intended, because it’s who we’re.

I admit though, running a blog and being a freelance writer at the same time is a lot more complicated than cornering a friend and giving him an unsolicited lecture about the evils of self doubt. And to a great extent, the blog is still far from what I intended it to be, but it is a journey that only gets better with time, even more so if you’ll hop on board.

If you like to be challenged to be your best, if you’re tired of living a mediocre existence, if becoming remarkable is your goal, and you like a touch of psychology, neurosciences and NLP in what you read, then consider yourself right at home.

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Image credit: Kenny Louie