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What Drinking a Nasty Herbal Concoction Thought Me About Taking Action

For the umpteenth time, I picked up the cup and stared into its peach colored content with a gnawing sense of dread. I imagined the liquid flowing through my throat down to my core, its bitter taste tainting the walls of my mouth, my throat and the crevices inside my stomach. I imagined my tongue retaining the taste long afterwards.

Yikes! my stomach churned in response. I let out mock crying sobs trying to make light of the situation, but once again I cowered and dropped the cup. I picked up my book and continue to read, not unaware of the cup of molten magma sitting by my side.

About 10 minutes later… (more…)

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Why Making New Year Resolutions is a Waste of Time (and a 12 Month Road map for a Better You in 2016)

Time for some sober reflections

How many of the new year resolutions you’ve ever made have you achieved? Let me bring it a little closer, what was your last year’s resolution? Can you even remember? I bet you can’t.

Here is the life cycle of a typical new year resolution:

You start out strong, it’s all good in January. By February, your determination is slipping and you start to backslide. Midway through the year, you’re back where you started. By December, your new year resolution is totally forgotten and you’re all set to make another useless one in January (more…)