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16 Personal Development Picture Quotes to Inspire You to Succeed in 2016

The new year always comes with a new found determination to succeed, to be better people, to have better lives. We’re always positive at the beginning; finally! Here it is. This year I’ll totally crack it. But half way through the the year, we start to encounter problems, we lose our motivation, doubts creep in because we’ve not been able to make any progress on our over ambitious goals.

This collection of picture quotes  is meant to keep your positivity alive and arm you with the right mindset and attitude to walk towards success one step at a time. (more…)

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6 Seemingly Harmless Habits That are Sabotaging Your Success

Are you doing everything you can to succeed but not getting the traction you need?

Chances are, you’re sabotaging your own progress

Your potential is like a seed planted in your mind, it’s either you nurture and nourish it until it blossoms, or you ruin it and it dies. Either way, it’s up to you.

Most times, we do the ruining part unknowingly with habits that we believe to be harmless. Here are some of them:

1. Waiting for perfect


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How to Defeat The Force That Cripples Your Potential

It beckons to every one of us…

The life that we were put upon this world to live— a life of potential, well-being, fulfillment, a life of meaning.

It calls to us through the deepest desires of our hearts; the desires we’d rather not voice, the desires that we create 101 excuses not to pursue.

It’s the desire to do good, to do the things that matter, to make a positive difference, to improve ourselves, physically, psychologically, spiritually —in what ever form.

We limb through life, bearing these desires in our heart, never quite making the effort to bring them to life. And when we try, we stop, we bail out, cowards that we’re.

The culprit is not laziness, it is not the lack of zeal or the insufficiency of will power. No, it is much more complicated. (more…)