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How to be Persistently Grateful (Even When Life Seems unfair)

We all agree that gratitude not only leads to happiness and improved health, but it also opens the floodgates of abundance and prosperity into our lives.

Yet most times we find this simple act very difficult to accomplish.

It’s very easy for us to feel immense gratitude when things are going perfectly, when we have no course to worry. But what happens when the tables are turned?

How do we feel grateful when our minds are focused on everything that’s wrong, when our inside is nothing but a pool of negativity, when all we can think of is doom and gloom? It seems almost impossible right?

But the truth is, it isn’t. (more…)

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How to Overhaul Your Negative Perception of Failure

It starts when you took your very first steps… 1…2…3…

Mum and dad would clap and cheer you on and you would giggle and blush with so much pride.

At some point, you would trip and fall…

Aww! mum and dad would say in unison and stop clapping. The smile would wipe away from your little toddler’s face as something in your little toddler’s brain tells you: this isn’t good.

Throughout childhood, the intensity and magnitude of the ‘awws’ increased. From parent, elder siblings, teachers, and the society.

By the time you’re an adult, it’s been imprinted boldly on your psyche—Failure is bad, it must be avoided at all cost. (more…)