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Do Not Be Sad: Inspiring Words From an Ancient Manuscript

This is a chapter from a Tibetan manuscript of over a thousand years old, that was originally published in 1925. It contains some timeless truths and down-to-earth advice. But I won’t say much, let the chapter speak for the book. Don’t let the old English put you off though, I assure you, the slight discomfort in reading is far outweighed by the sheer inspiration contained within these words. I present to you chapter V of book 10: Unto Thee I Grant. (more…)

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The Shocking Truth About Our Brain and Hard work

You know those times right?

When you’re excited, scared, optimistic, doubtful, overactive and lazy, all at the same time.

When you’re full of expectations and overwhelmed by endless possibilities. When going to sleep at night becomes an issue because you just can’t get your brain to shut up.

Isn’t this our default state of mind whenever we’re trying to achieve something important?

We overwork ourselves— mentally, physically and psychologically. (more…)