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On Our Illusion Of Time And The Shortness of Life

I recently watched an Oprah Show about an exceptional boy who was born with a rare form of muscular dystrophy.

Despite losing 3 siblings to the disease, discovering that he didn’t have much long to live himself, Mattie J.T. Stepanek had such a beautiful outlook on life.

Notwithstanding his age, his deteriorating state of health, having to move about in a wheelchair and being dependent on oxygen pipes, Mattie lived an exemplary life. Read More


5 Killer Strategies to Boost Self-confidence

Low self-confidence have caused more failures than all the crack joints, heroin and cocaine of the world combined. That’s because it destroys so many people silently without them even realising it.

Living with low self-confidence is like carrying a dripping baggage of shit all the time. It smells, it’s unpleasant, it makes you miserable, it prevents you from doing the things you need to do, from going to places you need to go and from saying the things you need to say. Read More

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The secret of success: Lessons from a long distance swimmer

It was in the July of 1987 that a young long distance swimmer by the name Lynne Cox set out to swim the Bering Strait; a channel that bridges the US and the Soviet Union. It was at the middle of the cold war and tension was rife between the two countries.

Lynne hopes her swim will generate goodwill and peace between the soviets and the American people. She believes that by symbolically bridging the distance between the US and the Soviet Union, she can give their people a chance at becoming friends. Read More

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4 Empowering Ways to Think of Life’s adversities

Not getting what you want is a wonderful struck of luck – Steven Aitchison

Everything happens for a reason

The universe is in a constant state of motion, changing, evolving, molding you, molding everyone. All of our life’s experiences are meant to draw us closer to what Aristotle called the Entelechy (our unique-to-us highest potential). These experiences are but a minuscule part of the master plan of the universe.

Just as you cannot stop the wind from blowing or the sun from setting, you cannot change the course of destiny. Things will keep happening whether you like it or not. Some will be good and favorable to you, you’ll like them. Some will be bad and painful. Read More


This Bad Habit Can make you Smarter

We do it all the time.

We come upon persons who’re far away, deep in thought and oblivious of their surroundings, and we take it upon ourselves to jolt them out of their reverie, often with righteous indignation. (Why not? They’re wasting their lives dreaming up unicorns).

At school, teachers hate it. At work, bosses cannot stand it, and even though we rarely speak of it, we all believe that daydreaming is a sign of laziness, unseriousness and joblessness.

But yet again, science has proven us wrong. Read More

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4 Battle Strategies to Fight Distractions

Whether we realize it or not, we’re in a battle of supremacy to protect our minds against attention leechers, time suckers and every other form of useless distraction out there.

We’re always trying, with all the willpower we can muster to tear ourselves away from distractions and focus on the things that matter to our progress in life. Whether we succeed or not depends a great deal on what is it we’ve got up our sleeves.

Some have already lost the battle. They swirl through life in a blur, never quite knowing where it is they’re headed or what they’re doing. They wake up to distraction and go to bed with it. It has taken over their minds. Read More